Another Piece of the Puzzle

It’s all finally starting to fit in place, I have finally decided on my 30 minute script, I know what I am doing for the five minute comedy short I have to do for my comedy writing class, I have picked the Director that I will write an essay on in my Philosophy in Film class, (doing Danny Boyle), all in all things are coming together, it’s just a case of beginning to do all those things.

…maybe I’ll do it tomorrow?


7 thoughts on “Another Piece of the Puzzle

  1. Ah…yes…the writer’s greatest problem…TOMORROW…there are always sooooo many distractions out there, not least of all the many writing ideas buzzing around in this writer’s head. Discipline is the key…she says, dragging her own feet over having to make a start on her next novel…

  2. To add to several of the above, er…carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero – because (yawn) aphorism is a wonderful thing, and often overlooked until it’s too late – by which time it’s withered to a simply wistful thing. Cue rimshot.

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