The mistakes, I repeat them. Circles, I go round in them. Stupid situations, I find myself in them. Stranger’s beds, I wake up in them. Feelings, I don’t have them. “I love you”, is what I tell them. Wanting out, need to get away from them. A nice guy, that’s what I seem to them. … More Them

The Leaves Have Turned

The leaves have turned, Green, golden, ground. Trampled underfoot, Not a single bit of attention paid. Rain soaked, Glistening in the moonlight. Diamonds and stars, Lighting the way. From the branches more leaves grow, Their fate is unpreventable. But they sprout up with hope. But there destiny is always the same. Green, golden. Ground.

So Full Of Beauty

So full of beauty, You own this world. Ruler of hearts, Catcher of eyes. So full of beauty, You pass through this world. So full of beauty everyone can see, Except you, maybe. Emperor of souls, Turner of heads. Realise your beauty, Or sooner than later, You’ll end up dead.

Slush Rivers Run By.

The slush rivers run by, going through the gutter, Carrying with them leaves of a golden hue. Winter’s early this year. The slush rivers run by a little mouse den. Mice equipped, armed to the teeth, riot shields adorn their arms. Rebelling against humanities destruction and kicking up a fuss. The slush rivers run by … More Slush Rivers Run By.

Sinking Sand

I want to go back to a simpler time when, we’d spend our days by the beach and then, play in the waves, toes sinking in the sand. Come now, take my hand, Promise me my future won’t remain this bland. I just need something to hold on to. I just want that to be … More Sinking Sand


The way she looks at me, Them grey shiny orbs. If you look closer into the spheres. The gates defending her mind. Captivating stare. Piercing gaze. This is not just a phase. And her eyes, Say everything she won’t. She whispers; “I’m scared”, But her baby greys say it all. They exclaim; “I love you … More Orbs

Lost Love

This is one of the poems that got published in the ForwarPress Poetry Rivals book. — Lost love, I see you stood here before me, Beautiful and glowing, you’re an angel. Not able to have you. It’s worse than hell. I’ll change, I’ll be who you want me to be. Seeing you with him is … More Lost Love


When I’m with you I love you And when I’m not I don’t. I try to say this but, The words catch in my throat. I fill the inevitable silence, With more declarations of love. “You’re an Angel, Fallen from above.” Lies. Not in any sense true, But for some reason, I can no longer … More Lies