Welcome To My World

Since yesterday I have been creating a map for the world in which my novel is set, it is quite a big world, although whether I use all the map or not is a different thin altogether, I may save some for expansion at a later date.

Obviously this is quite a quick mock up for my own visual reference, once my novel is complete and I am looking into getting it published, I would get an artist to redraw it a lot nicer for me.

At the moment it is unnamed and I would like to leave it open for suggestions of the name, if something strikes me as “wow that’s the one”, I will use the name and give you a mention in the book, may even name a character after you if it’s extra good. I’m looking for a name for each of the continents and something for the whole world.

What do you think?


17 thoughts on “Welcome To My World

  1. What wonderful possibilities a new world holds!
    I’ve just come from seeing Third Angel’s “What I Heard About The World” at The Junction in Cambridge tonight. It’s based around the premise that we know a lot of things about the world that we’ll never get to see first hand…

    As ever I look forward to watching this develop.

  2. I dread doing the geography for my world. I have some of it in my head, but I will need a map someday, no doubt. That’s never been my strong suit as far as world-building.
    As to a name…hard to say, not knowing anything about the culture or nature of the world. I don’t even know the names of the specific places where most of my stories take place, although I have named the land of Kazephyria, where my characters will soon be going in the novel…which reminds me, I still need a name for the continent and the city I’d forgotten all about that…must get on that soon…

    1. Names aren’t my strong point I won’t lie, and I’m sure my layout will change to suit my needs, obviously there will be mountains and ravines added etc. I’m looking forward to developing my world, hope your novel and worlds go well (:

      1. Look at roots of language – Dun = Hill; Beck = River, etc and think about how you might develop existing descriptive words into names

  3. It’s so amazing–with the power of words you are the Creator of a new world! My daughter is a writer and just finished her first novel, and I really enjoyed watching her create names and cultures and a history for her world. Best of luck. Interesting post. You might want to check out her blog: Adventures for the Faint of Heart.

  4. How interesting! I’m also outlining my own world, but mine is of a more intangible substance what’s giving me pains to describe. I really enjoy your posts! They are full of vitality. I wish you all the luck with this novel and the others to come. As for the geographical names, maybe it’ll help you if you think of the time or age the tale is set first. Places are named in reference to the genesis and beliefs of the people that inhabit them or the historical events that happened around them. The reader will need to match the names with the “aura” of the place to give it plausibility. I mean, you wouldn’t “feel it right” if some land in The Lord of the Rings was called “Nebula X101”, right? (unless you’re a superb writer and can do whatever) Some ideas that come to my mind right now: ancient lore may help you if you’re aiming for an epic or present story. A coded name for a futuristic one.
    Now, last but not least; English is not my first language so I excuse myself in advance for any mistake or misunderstanding that may arise from my writing. I hope you find these ideas helpful.

    1. Hi no worries, your post made perfect sense, thanks for responding, I like your thoughts on the naming of places, it’s a fantasy so Nebula X101 is definitely out of the question πŸ˜› But maybe I do need to have a think about the other people that live in the world and not just the main characters.

      Thanks for your input (:

        1. I did, so far I only have the brief outline and the first chapter, but that’s just set in a palace so I’m trying to have a think about it thoroughly before I set off writing it completely.

  5. Hmmm…some suggestions for place names. Nice challenge.
    How about: ‘Grelland’ for the mainland
    ‘Asvenia’ for the large island with the ice-cap
    ‘Horden Isles’ for the two smaller ones.
    Feel free to use, or ignore altogether!
    Best of luck with it. πŸ™‚

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