God I’ve Missed Writing

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So recently, as you may know from my whiney posts about procrastination, which I wrote ironically whilst procrastinating. I have been having trouble working.

A list of reasons why are;

a) I found a way to get the American Netflix line up on my Xbox whilst in England. All episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer are on there, so that didn’t help.

b) I recently found the website doodleordie.com which I’d advise you to go to at your own risk but it is hilariously addictive.

c) I just have been trying to avoid writing as much as possible because whilst I was planning a new story, I got transfixed on an idea that I just couldn’t make work.

But eventually I got my idea working and as you know the main thing I am working on is a 30 Minute Script called 29 Doughton Drive, although this name is more than likely going to change because I have now decided it won’t be just a stand alone film, it will instead be the first episode of a longer series, which I may or may not write, it depends on feedback, because at the moment this is just a project for an assignment.

I have just finished the synopsis I am require to write, the brief states it is meant to be two pages, but I have ended up writing 2 and half, with gaps between the paragraphs. So I am going to have to whittle it down, and refine it obviously.

After finally getting into the “zone” I can safely say I have missed writing, there is something so relaxing about it. So hopefully this points to a good semester.

I have uploaded the first draft of the synopsis, any feedback is much appreciated as it will help me shape future drafts, of not only the document but maybe my script. So I thank you in advance.

Here is it;

29 Doughton Drive – Synopsis 1st Draft


13 thoughts on “God I’ve Missed Writing

  1. Ooo…there is quite a bit of good stuff on Netflix instant viewing. A decent amount of good (and good looking but I don’t know for sure because I haven’t seen it) anime, some nice low-budget horror films…a lot of unusual stuff.

    If I can I will try and look at your script-thingy sometime soon…I’m not really used to reading and interpreting in that form though.

  2. Have read your synopsis – it’s far too detailed and needs to be cut down a lot. It’s rather confusing and real motiviation for all the characters is missing. The point about scripts is that they should be commercially appealing in some form, otherwise producers won’t touch them…I don’t know where you’re studying, but tutors usually look for the “commercial aspect” these days. Avoid cliches from films you have seen…be your own man and be bold! Oh, if I remember correctly, once you’ve hit the “close” button on a panic room panel, there’s a time lock and you might not be able to open it for several hours, so that the occupants inside are safe until the police arrives. Love the golden Earth thing and the fact that Benji is the damsel in distress.

    1. Hi thanks for you comment, I took my synopsis to my tutor today and he seemed to like it although was unsure of some points so I agree I need to cut it down and make it more concise, it’s feedback like this that helps me get my work perfect and I thank you for your reply (: Hopefully you will prefer the subsequent drafts more (:

    1. Hi thanks for your comment, I think the problem is a lot of people are still trying to throw of the christmas cobwebs unfortunately. I liked your daughters post, she’s a very funny writer 🙂

  3. Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for the follow – have read your synopsis – always good to see someone putting their writing out there. I agree with the post above from mariathermann – needs to be a bit snappier with more explanation as to motive and situation – also could do with a first line hook and / or brief overview…
    …Good start though – You’ve kept it to the core details which is definitely the right way to go (I’m doing one at the moment so feel your pain!)

    1. Thanks a lot for your reply, I have been to see my tutor today and he said he liked it but has similar concerns so these will definitely be addressed in subsequent drafts. Thanks for your comment (:

  4. I love this line>posts about procrastination, which I wrote ironically whilst procrastinating,

    i can see hours of time with your words bro/son/man/person
    your 20, I’m 3 score and 4 but the words delete all barriers


  5. I haven’t written much this year either – mainly due to work pressure and family commitments, but it feels great when you get back into it doesn’t it.

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