Should She Be A Love Interest?

I’m working through something at the moment and I’m really struggling with an element of it.

The main characters are Eric and Lucy, and at first I was adamant that they weren’t going to be love interests. They main guy and the girl are ALWAYS love interests.

But the more I write, the more I find myself typing a sentence like “Lucy stood behind me and I could feel her presence quite close, her breath hot on my neck,” but then I just think NO! STOP IT DAN!

And I hold backspace until the words are gone and move on with the story.

But is the whole boy falls in love with girl thing too overdone? Or is it like that because that’s how it is in real life, I mean if in real life you had two characters, a charming young man and a beautiful girl and they got on well and they were together all the time, especially in trying circumstances, maybe the human thing would be to take comfort in the other person and fall in love with them, because after all, who knows how long the characters will live, best to have some love in the little life they could possibly have remaining than none at all.

The book I mentioned in my post “Fever Sequences…Are They Lazy Writing?” called The Name of the Wind the author does something interesting with the love interest in that.


In The Name of the Wind the love interest of the main character (Kvothe), is this mysterious girl (Denna) who Kvothe keeps bumping into. Throughout the story you can tell she likes him as more than a friend, although she doesn’t act on it due to her being a little messed up. You know Kvothe likes her because the story is in 1st person and he says so. They do share a few intimate moments but nothing ever comes of it due to Denna being quite…odd.


But I’m still not too sure what to do, there’s pros and cons to each approach but I don’t want a reader to read my story and think “yeah of course they fall in love, what a surprise”

What are peoples thoughts on this subject? Leave a comment below!

7 thoughts on “Should She Be A Love Interest?

  1. When the characters begin to come alive on the page and dictate the direction of the plot despite us having mapped it out we have to make the decision to either go with it or not.

  2. Get your first draft down before you start picking your plot points apart. Tropes are tropes and you’ll never avoid them all – worrying about what your readers will think of you at this point is doing nothing but stopping you from writing.

    Your characters are coming alive on your page – let them! If they fall in love, let them for now. Keep writing and see how it works out. You may well find yourself with new, interesting conflicts you hadn’t anticipated because you were so determined that they’d be platonic before. Trust your gut and write what you want to. And good luck! 😀

  3. I think every girl does have that guy who is a big brother figure rather than a love interest, I know I did and I think it would be great if you did write from that perspective. It was achieved quite effectively with Hermione Granger in the Harry potter books so it can definitely work.

    1. I had a female best friend for years who I ended up falling in love with and now we never speak so I know how bad it can go but Harry and Hermione were done very well and that sounds like maybe a good route to go!

      Thanks :)!

  4. I’ve run into the same thing in the novel I’m writing. If you feel them pulling together though so will the reader. There’s been lots of great stories that you know two characters are meant to be together, even though it’s never or rarely explicitly said. Then the reader gets the fun agony of seeing what could happen and not seeing it happen (and then have it get ruined like Daniel Postlethwaite pointed out). Show don’t tell right 😉

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