Name It For Me: Apple

Hello my beautiful readers!

I am currently working on a project and need a little help and thought it would be great to turn to my blog readers for a little bit of help.

Without going into too much detail, in the piece of writing I’m working on the main character finds himself transported from our world into a fantasy world. Now of course this fantasy world has different words for things that appear in our world.

Today’s word I need help with is what would the people of this fantasy world call an apple?

Leave your suggestions in the comments and whichever I pick I’ll keep a note of to acknowledge you in the writing!

8 thoughts on “Name It For Me: Apple

  1. Great idea! How about Eden egg? I guess you may then need to get a new word for egg but maybe Eden would be relevant in the new world, maybe? With the big religious revival going on world wide it might carry on elsewhere. Sorry if I’m on wrong track but it’s a start, if you google Minion language creating a new language is a real science.

    1. I see what you’re saying but Eden is an English word, easily identifiable, I need something a little more foreign.

      I thought the minions spoke Spanish haha! I’ll have to look it up.

  2. ‘Malus’ is another word for apple (tree) in Latin, and is the Linnaean generic name of apple trees, both wild and domesticated. In Latin it has a double meaning, as it also means ‘a bad thing’ (the opposite of ‘bonus’). This may, or may not, appeal, depending on what purpose apples serve in your book. But why look to the real world if you’re making up words? If you’ve been making up fantasy names for people through your portal, objects would likely follow similar rules.

    1. I like Malus, that’s a good one. I really like latin and think it fits very well in a fantasy book. I remember as a kid, my brother was trying to teach himself latin and used to share words with me, he never succeeded in learning it though haha!

      I’ve only actually made one word up so far in the story, “Reaguar”, it’s the name of the Kingsguard – basically has come from Regent + Guard. I didn’t want to call them Kingsguard which I was going to do at first until I remembered Game of Thrones uses the term and if you google “Kingsguard” all you get back is Game of Thrones posts pretty much.

      In terms of my story, apples are just apples, nothing mysterious or nefarious about them – I called them Quenops originally but I’m not sure I like the sound of it.

      ““What can we eat then Lucy? I know nothing about foraging on my planet let alone yours.”
      “There should be bushes about this high,” she said gesturing to hip level, “they will have berries on them. But we can only eat them if they have leaves around them. If they’re just hanging off a branch with no leaves they’ll make you sick.”
      “Anything else?” I asked.
      “Some of the smaller trees will have apples on them…they’re not called that here though but that’s what they are.”
      “What do you call them?” This from James who made us both start a little.
      “Quenops.” James repeated, the way he said it made it sound as if he was rolling the world around his mouth, like you would a wine, getting a taste for it. “Quenops.”
      “Quenops,” I said causing the two of them to look at me and making me feel stupid. “What! Well you were all saying it, figured why miss out?”
      There was a brief moment of silence and then at the same time Lucy and James started laughing, no not laughing, guffawing.”

  3. For my fantasy I wanted different sounding names so I put the characters main traits or a word that summarised them into google translate then went through various languages until something jumped out at me, I ended up with a mix a languages reflected but also sometimes just changed a letter if Ii did not want it to be translatable in a search 😀

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