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Very good piece here from Jeremy, as I mentioned in a comment to him I really like the setting of a bus journey due to how it lends itself nicely to a short piece of writing like this

soap bubbles

11235496335_b8fb0d1901_oThe lunch shift ended at three. Ruben and Holly waited for the bus, chef whites bundled in their laps. Leaves fell in the parking lot, swept from the deciduous privacy screen planted between subdivision and strip mall.

Ruben continued. “I guess it’s meditative. If I had to give the style a name.”

“A feel piece,” said Holly.

“Yeah. But getting the right feel, that’s the issue.”

“How so?”

Ruben leaned forward on the bench to meet Holly eye to eye. They made as much a curious pair at the bus stop as on the line: a bearded, barrel-chested, flaxen-haired grandson of a Swede and a petite, blue-eyed, androgynous art school dropout. The dissimilitude was deceiving: idling artists make obdurate cooks.

“The protagonist is a beekeeper,” said Ruben.


“So, I don’t know anything about beekeeping.”

“Maybe he’s not a beekeeper then.”

“She. And no, she is.”

Holly smirked. “Gotcha.”


“When I get stuck, I…

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