Come With Me: James the Bully

Two hours later we reached the base of the cliff, all of us were exhausted and thirsty. Mainly thirsty though. The sun had reached its zenith and was beating down on us quite hard. It’s safe to say we were in a bad way. I got a bottle of water out of my rucksack and had a long drink from it, passing it to Lucy who did the same before passing it to James. James finished the rest of the drink and threw the plastic bottle down on the ground.

“Have you got no common sense?” I snapped at him.

“What?” He replied.

“We have no more water, when we finally come across some more water we’ll need something to store it. We have one bottle, one small bottle which you just threw on the ground!” I was up in his face now, almost screaming at him.

The James I knew from my world would have retaliated with a punch, but the James on this world just stayed silent and slowly picked up the bottle before putting it in my hand and then just walking off towards the trees ahead of me and Lucy.

Lucy walked up beside me, “that was a bit over the top Eric.” I stayed silent at first, not really knowing what to say.

“I suppose, but he shouldn’t even be here. Why the hell did he have to be there? No not even that, why the hell did he have to chase us through the woods like a maniac?” I replied.

“Because he’s a bully, and that’s what bullies do. They chase people, and they punch people.”

I looked over at James as he carried on walking in silence. He didn’t seem such a bully at the moment, in a way, he was the victim. I actually felt sorry for him, I came here by choice. Well I had chosen the world from my vision, not this bad version. James had no choice whatsoever. I knew full well it wasn’t my fault but…I couldn’t help but feel responsible in some way as stupid as that sounds.


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