Why You Don’t Deserve Compensation For Boiling Your Water

(Bit of background for those who don’t know – where I live on the Fylde Coast of England has had a water warning issued by our water suppliers due to a bug being found in the water supply)

People going mental asking United Utilities for compensation because they will use extra electricity boiling kettles for their water.

To boil a kettle on average costs 2.5p.
To spend £10 you’d have to boil the kettle 400 times.
An average kettle holds 1.5 litres of water.
400 kettles of water would produce 600 litres of water.

Considering you can still wash your hands in it and shower in it and wash the dishes in it and do your laundry in it the amount we’ll actually have to boil a kettle to drink the stuff is really low.

If you’re concerned about saving money just don’t flush the toilet all day (unless it’s a number two, definitely flush that).

There’s people in Africa and other places that are impoverished that have to fear their water every single day (forgetting that they have to walk for miles to get it) and we grab our pitchforks as soon as a TRACE amount of a bug is found in the water supply which as a PRECAUTION we should boil, it’s ridiculous.

And if you’re still worried about it, chill the fuck out and have a beer!


One thought on “Why You Don’t Deserve Compensation For Boiling Your Water

  1. I can understand the situation. There is a legal requirement by the water company to provide SAFE DRINKING WATER, and by that it means no bugs, or harmful stuff in it. The most important question that should be asked is where did the bugs come from? if they do not know then they could come back again and again. Plus boiling can actually make some bugs more virulent. So yes people should ask the water company for compensation they have failed in their legal responsibility to keep the water safe for human consumption.

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