My Thoughts On Collaboration…

Me and my old housemate always toyed with the idea of writing a TV show together but nothing every came to fruition. In my experience working in marketing I have had a colleague to be creative with and this has been great, having someone to bounce ideas off and someone to tell you when your ideas are shit.

But when it comes to writing something like a novel, I think it’s a lot more personal, especially if like me, you’re still working away on your first one thinking about it and stopping and starting. I’m great at procrastinating so maybe if I collaborated with someone it may help me get stuff done. I’ve been sitting on various novel ideas for years and years and still haven’t written one. I always seem to make excuses, and there’s no one to stop me as the only person I’m letting down is myself.

My girlfriend likes to write, she doesn’t do it, but when she has (for school and college etc she has enjoyed it) and I wonder if me and her could create something together. Our personalities are too different though as are our likes and dislikes when it comes to reading so I’m not sure we could settle on an idea.

But if I took a back seat, let her think of the idea and inform it every step of the way and I just wrote it for her, that way I’d be doing the writing and she’d be the idea woman, it could be quite good.

Very interesting! If I ever finish my own novel I may consider asking her if she’d be up for it haha!

Musings Of Two Creative Minds

This is a post I’ve been thinking about sharing for some time, but hadn’t because I was actually a little afraid to talk about it.  When it comes to writing, the idea of collaborating with someone else filled me with both excitement and dread.  Especially dread because I am not always that confident in my skills and abilities.

Yet, I seem to be doing something right.  A number of people find this blog quite helpful and offer their own experiences which reflect many of my own.  Furthermore, until now writing has been a solitary activity.  I enjoy being the one to make decisions and not have to worry whether or not I offend someone else or hurt feelings.  Oh, I’ve bounced ideas off certain people I trust, like my wife Helen.  In her case, I do this quite often because I consider her much better read and more knowledgeable about…

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2 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Collaboration…

  1. My wife has been a very good idea woman in the past and has tried writing. But her big issue is plot. She’s been great at short stories and being my science adviser, as well as character development. She’s advised me on a number of occasions and has been slowly getting fired up at the idea of doing original writing again and I’ve been helping encourage her. Team ups can be really enjoyable, but it has to be with someone you know and trust. It sounds like you two could do well. Give it more thought and maybe even try a short story or two together It might help get you past that procrastination issue.

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