Walking through the door I sigh in relief.

As a little bit of a recluse I find comfort in the comforts of my own home, the smell, the way to air sits and flows into my lungs as a I take a deep breath.

Having been away for four days in the countryside, on the last day I came down with a fever and as it raged through me there was only one thing I could think of.


I felt myself tumbling down into the madness a fever can bring and it was a race of time to get back, into my pyjamas, into my bed.

Eventually coming through the door, I managed to unpack as quick as possible because the mess would have played on my mind not allowing me to sleep.

With that done and the clothes away, I got into bed and as I drifted off into a feverish dream there was one thought in my mind.

There’s no place like home.


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