Well That Was Quick – I Got A New Job

Hey guys, just a quick post. The other day I posted this article about how I was job hunting.

The next day I got a call for an interview – the day after that I had the interview and three days later I was informed I had gotten the job!

All because I set the time aside to apply for every job I could find writing a cover letter and making sure my CV was in top notch condition.

This may sound like a bragging post, which I don’t want it to be. It’s meant to show that with a little determination there are opportunities out there, you just have to set aside time and focus on making sure your applications are in a good condition before sending them off.

For those that are interested the role title is “Digital Content Executive”, and it will see me managing the social media accounts of clients who take the companies services, of which there are many.

In the first week I will apparently be shadowing the person who is currently doing the job and then I will take over the reins and get stuck in.

I’m super excited and am looking forward to my last day at my current job before having a four day weekend to unwind before starting the new one.

Wish me luck!


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