Why Should You Be Excited For No Man’s Sky?

You may or may not have heard of No Man’s Sky, the mind blowing new game from Guildford, England based Hello Games.

If not, you should have and you should be excited for it!

For those who haven’t heard of the game before let me provide you with a brief explanation.

The game is a procedurally generated science fiction adventure game which uses math to create an entire galaxy. In this galaxy are just as many stars as our own galaxy, and each of these stars is a solar system with planet sized planets orbiting around the sun, and moons orbiting the planets, and planets rotating on their axis.

And you can fly around in space, visiting space stations, trading (buy high, sell low) and you can dog fight in space amongst other things. But hey, that’s nothing new. Two other high profile games are currently going for this: Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen. But what’s different about this game?

Although both of those games say eventually you will be able to land on the planets, we are yet to see in this action. But with No Man’s Sky, we’ve seen it in action. Check out the below video of 18 minutes of No Man’s Sky Footage courtesy of IGN.

As you can see from the video you can start in space and then go down to the planet, get out of your ship and walk around the planet, exploring caves and oceans. Mining, hunting the wildlife, running away from the cops GTA style. Yes the game has a 5 star wanted level similar to the popular Grand Theft Auto series of games.

“Luckily they haven’t patented that particular mechanic”, Sean Murray, Co-Founder of Hello Games, jokes.

Both your suit and your weapon (which apparently is going to be renamed your multi-tool due to using this for mining and scanning as well as murdering) are upgradeable with things you find and craft in the game. Want to solely trade? No problem! Just keep your storage empty and leave the weapons out of your ship.

Dying a bit too easy? Boost that shield!

The possibilities are endless, in both gameplay styles and things to do places to see. Just think you can walk for days/months on a planet and still not loop around depending on the planet size. With so much to explore you best not get lost and lose your spaceship!

I’m just blown away by this game. I have recently been addicted to Elite: Dangerous but I always leave the game feeling disappointed. I want to get out of my ship and stretch my legs.

No Man’s Sky is the perfect game to me as this is something I have always wanted and dreamed of, a full fledged game which allows you to explore space and alien worlds. WHAT’S NOT TO LOVE?

Stay tuned for more coverage of the game as and when there is more information. Want a little more information about the game? Watch this excellent Game Informer video in which Murray is quizzed to the limits.

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