This a short excerpt I wrote a couple of years ago when I was around 16.

There was only silence. That’s all there ever was. That and the darkness. The only breaks in the silence or the darkness, was when we breathed. Or when they came and got us to take us to be tortured. There was a single candle to pierce the darkness, so we could look straight into our captors eyes. The break in sound was only the slice of a knife across our skin, or the crack of a whip along our backs. They had cast a silencing spell over the building so we couldn’t scream. But there was no need for that. Why would we scream? There is no one to scream out to. Only the darkness. No. The main reason they had silenced us is so we could not use our magic. If we could they would be dead. One point to them eh?

We are magic users. We get our energy from the world around us. Our power is manifested in words. This is why they silenced us. We were powerful, are only drawback was we tired. Eventually. Our captors are of the magic kind. But these were different. They got there magic from fear. They farmed us. Tortured us regularly, feasting on the fear and pain within us. It’s a shame they couldn’t let us scream. They would have been more powerful then, more so than they already are. Nothing is sweeter to them than a scream of fear. But they could not risk that. Not with us. Their drawback was they had to feed regularly, they tired quickly. But that’s no problem because in most battles the sight of their ugly faces inflicted fear. But they had to let down all defences to feed.
We have been here, chained to these god forsaken walls for so long. We have no recollection of our past. Who we were or where we grew up. We don’t even know our names. We were allocated numbers upon our arrival. Just mere numbers. These were branded on our forearms before we was locked away. I was number thirty-two. All we knew is our powers, and our powers knew us. We just couldn’t use them. We had no hope for the future. Not until He came. Another prisoner. Another farmyard animal. He had powers, but not the magic kind. They did not know this though. His powers were no less stronger than our own, but He was different. His powers were of the mind. He was psionic. He could rip the beating hearts from his enemies with a though. He never tired. He was different. He knew his past. He also new his name. His name was Nero. They could not silence him but the silencing damped his powers. At first he only had his mind’s eye. He could hear others thoughts and implant his thoughts into them. But He grew stronger.
The reason he did not break us out straight away was because of the spell the cast on all the new comers. It erases your memory and it makes you sleep. Sleep for seven days. So they can observe you sleeping. These creatures do not sleep. They can’t sleep. Sleep fascinates them. So they observe. He had slept for six days. As each day passed we were closer to being saved, we did not know this at the time of course. Day seven arrived. He awoke…


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