Job Hunting

Ahh job hunting, a job in itself, which is hard to do when you already have a full time job and a hobby of being addicted to video games!

I’m currently looking for jobs in the marketing / social media field as I did it for a couple of months not long ago but had to quite due to the really bad commute and low wage not really covering my fuel.

I really enjoyed what I got to do though whilst I was there so now I’ve been working in a call centre to get on my feet in my own new flat I am back in the job hunting game.

All I want from life is some job satisfaction, ideally I would love to blog/write/game for a living which is doable provided I put more effort into it, but my current job is draining as the shifts are long and all over the place, mixed in with general procrastination and that hobby I mentioned it’s becoming hard.

Anyone have any tips on how to stay focused on your own stuff when you’re drained out from what you do during the day?

I’ve applied for ten jobs this evening though, luckily they are the kind where you can just click “apply” on a website like Indeed, makes it a lot easier haha.

Anyone fancy hiring me? (best puppy eyes)


10 thoughts on “Job Hunting

        1. I use Indeed mainly as its a meta-search engine meaning it looks at ALL the job sites, but I also use Reed specifically as this does show more sometimes than Indeed can pick up.

  1. Been there! How about update CV submit to relevant agency do some research which ones the good media companies use. You could consider asking agency if they can get you temp work to get a foot in the door but it’s scary if you have a permanent job now.
    Then get up an hour early and commit to a really good job app four days a week, if you can’t be bothered to do app why should they bother with you? Good luck! I want to build my blogging too but like you I get distracted.

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