It Sure Is Hot In These Cobra Mk III’s

I looked towards my side panel to check how far I had to my destination, 10 jumps remaining. I was making my way to an Anarchy system to search for bounties, and had a long way to go.

I jumped to the next system and decided I would rest here and scoop some fuel from the sun, after orbiting the sun a couple of times I decided to get a little cocky and move closer to speed up the process but it didn’t pay off.

Emergency exit initiated.

I crashed out of supercruise spinning wildly and the panic set in. The temperature was rising in the cabin and the warning lights started to go off.

I pushed all power to the engines and flew away from the sun as far as I could get but the temperature kept rising and rising, nearly at 200%, the cabin was smoking, fires were breaking out on the controls. My hull integrity was compromised, the slow cracking of the glass made the panic go further.

Finally! My Frameshift drive had cooled down, I initiated the jump and began to look for my escape vector. I was looking all around spinning the ship every which way to find it but in the panic I hadn’t realised that there was no escape vector, I was far enough away to make the jump straight to the next system. What a rookie mistake!

I lined up with the next star on my journey and watched as the hull integrity fell and the drive charged up.


The frameshift drive kicked in, I was on about 10% hull integrity and temperature was about 300. I dropped out of warp at the star and immediately turned tail and tried to get away, I thought I was free until I saw that I was still on fire!

I pushed the thruster as far forward as it would go but it was not enough.

My ship was destroyed.

My journey was at an end.


(p.s. Kudos for those who get where the title is from)


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