Paris Diary – Entry Une “French Sneeze”

New post on a travel blog I’ve started 🙂

BRB, Off backpacking.

Paris Day 1

(Hello! I am going to be posting up what I got up to on my recent trip to Paris and breaking it down into bite size chunks for you all to read, and will post them regularly. Keep up to date by following the blog or subscribing via email and follow me through the wonderful city of Paris.)

This was the lovely rainy view out of my hotel window at around 6am on December 20th.

I had decided to drive to the airport instead of relying on friends and family to drop us off, that way I would have my car waiting for me when I returned home, and could drive straight back instead of waiting around and hunting down family upon the return.

The night before the 20th (the 19th for those keeping count, a Friday) it was supposed to be my works Christmas meal, which I was going…

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