Paris Diary – Entry Quatre “Does She Know You’re Going To Propose?”

New post on a travel blog I’ve started 🙂

BRB, Off backpacking.

For the last post in this series, click here.

The next day in Paris saw us visiting yet another museum (something we should have realised wasn’t a good idea after we established Morgan wasn’t a fan of them!).

This time we went to The Pompidou Centre, and after the confusion that was getting in, paying for tickets, working out where you start (turns out it doesn’t really matter where you start) and being told I couldn’t go in with my large rucksack and having to go join yet another queue for free luggage holding we were finally ready to explore.

Up first was an exhibit about an architect I can no longer remember the name of, I enjoyed looking at these model and all his plans for the buildings he created, I really liked how some of them looked like they were created from what seemed to be a…

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