Paris Diary – Entry Deux “Sans-Alcool”

New post on a travel blog I’ve started 🙂

BRB, Off backpacking.

In my last post I spoke about my journey to Paris (and especially my love for Tube systems) at length. In this post I aim to let you all know about what I got up to on the first day!

Paris Part Deux Featured Image

I thought for the first day it would be nice to make our way to the Sacré-Cœur, I’d seen the pictures and liked how high up it was and thought it would be a nice first thing to do as we would then get to see a landmark, one of the famous churches AND get a high up view of the city all in one go!

So off we went hopping onto the aforementioned tube station and emerging in a brand new place from there we got reorientated and set off on our merry way. Up in this part of town the buildings were pretty close together and you were walking…

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