Five Important Reasons to Keep a Travel Journal

New post on a travel blog I’ve started 🙂

BRB, Off backpacking.

Travel JournalThat up there, in case you hadn’t figured it out yet, is my journal from my time doing Camp America during the first summer of University.

From June to August, 2010, I was employed by Trail’s End Camp as the photographer and digital web staff. My role had me walking around the camp taking pictures of the children at their activities and getting them onto the computer ready to be uploaded that evening so the parents at home could see them.

As well as doing that, I had to write articles for the website to do with the weather and the goings on at the camp that day.

It was an extremely fun job and it’s what gave me itchy feet to want to get out and explore the world. Coming back from camp I had 3 more years of University to complete and since then I’ve struggled to get…

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