POLL: Handwritten or Typed?

How do you guys prefer to write? Do you like to sit down with a pen and paper and write, or sit at your desk and type away? I usually write straight into my PC but since starting work at my new job I am on a computer all the time so my eyes have been starting to hurt, so I’m trying to take it away from the screen and hand write stuff.

The bonus of this is you can edit as you type it up getting a second draft in the process. The cons is you could lose your work, which would not be very good.


11 thoughts on “POLL: Handwritten or Typed?

  1. Typed hands down — there was a time when I would have preferred hand written, but having used a keyboard for so many years to work, all through grad school, etc, typing just became my mode of thinking…sometimes I will jot down lines that strike me so I can use them a poem later….cuz helps me remember them and mull them over….but.

    1. I do like typing and I can type very fast but I’m easily distracted, the internet is at my fingertips and I will often find myself googling things or on facebook, youtube etc.

      There’s no distractions when it’s just you and a pad of paper.

      Plus the issue of eye strain from using a computer all day every day at work plus two hours daily of driving. My eyes hurt a lot by the time I’m home.

      1. Hmm…never thought of the distraction thing…I generally write with earphones on…with music that drives me into the writing….my problem when handing writing is that my hand can’t keep up with my mind.

  2. It’s funny because I was having that same discussion with my self yesterday. LOL This is my first year trying Nano thing, and I was wondering about what to bring at my first write-in meeting. I think I’m going to bring my laptop as well as notebooks and pen …:-)

    1. I tried Nano last year, I decided to start doing it late though and couldn’t meet the deadline.

      I’m not taking part this year yet but I would like to!

      I don’t have a laptop so if I went to a write-in it would have to be pen and paper.

      1. Didn’t most of us start with pen and paper? A blank sheet of paper still inspires me more than a computer screen does! I went to a write-in yesterday. I have never seen so many type away at laptops, but there was one writing on paper, and she did not stop the whole 4 hours!

  3. My hand writing is incomprehensible. Besides that, I can type almost as fast as I think so I can splash down my thoughts without missing a beat… usually. It’s a lot less messy to make corrections also!

  4. I find different things I write in different ways, my fiction I type but I outline by hand and for editing I have to print it off and scrawl on a physical copy before making the changes in word. But poetry I am the compete opposite and that remains on paper until the very last minute.

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