How do you track your marketing activity?

Tracking your marketing activity

Tracking your marketing activity can be quite a colossal task when first thinking about doing so but if you break it down to 6 areas (split into two groups) it seems a lot more manageable. It is also necessary to stop yourself wasting money on things that don’t work, and allows you to improve the things that don’t work to make you able to market effectively.

The two groups are online and offline.

There are numerous ways to track the three main online marketing tools available to us (which are, advertising, website and social media).

Social media:

  • Referrals from social media – traceable through Google Analytics.
  • Insights – Reach, shares, likes, favourites, retweets, endorsements, recommendations etc.
  • Response to questions
  • Codes – Quote “FACEBOOK” for 1000 free cups.

Website tracking:

  • Traffic
  • Survey
  • Polls
  • Website enquiry
  • Downloads
  • Video views
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Phone calls

Advertisement tracking:

  • CTR – Click Through Rate
  • ROI – Return on Investment
  • Conversion
  • Codes – Quote “ADVERT1” for free origination
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keywords

And how do you track offline marketing?

Brand Engagement (Also Brand Awareness but this is hard to quantify)

  • Enquiries when you have no campaign running
  • Word of mouth
  • Unusual peaks of activity
  • Recognise your logo if it’s distinct enough.
  • Rapport, your customer service. They may not want your services now but they could eventually so engage with them as a brand and when they need you they’ll know where to go.

Public Relations


  • Attendance figures
  • Register – collect information when they sign in like their email for example
  • Comment card at the end of the event
  • How many business cards do you come away with
  • Conversion to something else – Did they come to the event, learn about your services and then convert to a paying customer?
  • Enquiries – After the event do you have a peak in enquiries?
  • Call to action – If you get in touch within 7 days you can get X amount of cups for free

Some of these things are self-explanatory, but the others required that little extra point. With some research into these topics you can really arm yourself with some excellent marketing knowledge.

Can you think of anymore tips to add to this list? Let me know in the comments!


2 thoughts on “How do you track your marketing activity?

  1. you also have social media management platforms I am just on a 60day free trial of Hootsuite Pro but I know there are others and thinks like Tweetdeck for Twitter and Iconosquare for Instagram which allow you to perform extra specific tasks such as schedule tweets, track specific hash tags, users, groups of users

    1. Hi Paula, sorry that i’ve only just seen this!

      Hootsuite is really good even just the free version! Never head of Iconosquare but that sounds pretty good tbh. Will have to check it out!

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