Be S.M.A.R.T. with your marketing campaigns.

You may have heard of this term if you’ve seen any marketing advice. SMART.

What does SMART marketing mean? What does it stand for.

SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time Bound.

Campaigns have to be SMART to be effective, how do we make a campaign SMART? Just make sure you hit all those points which I’ll delve into now.

Specific – It’s all well and good your sales team want to increase sales but you need to be more specific. £’s worth? A quantified number of orders? Maybe you want to up your enquires from 10 a week to 20 a week.

Measurable – It has to be something you can measure, this ties in to how specific something is as well as the campaign being able to be measured, so an email campaign getting clicks and opens etc.

Achievable – Do not set a target too high, you’ll waste money and be too disheartened when you fail. Take it step by step.

Realistic – This ties back into the achievability of it, but hammers it home further. Something may be achievable (with a lot of work time and money) be realistic. What have you got, what can you do, work on your strongest areas and don’t over reach.

Time Bound – Don’t let a project run on for ages, give it a realistic time frame, this helps you have a set date in which you can sit down and analyse everything you’ve achieved and then work on your next campaign.

Therefore, a SMART campaign for me to run here at The Printed Cup Company would be as follows, we’ll focus on our zombie cup Halloween range of cups.

Sell 100 Zombie Cups by the 31st of October.

The specific is the 100 Zombie Cups

It’s measurable because we can keep track of stock as well as knowing our orders.

We know it’s achievable because we sell thousands of cups every day.

Realistically as it’s a small niche run for halloween we know we won’t be selling thousands so 100 is a good figure as they’re marketed for consumers and not businesses in this instance.

And with Halloween being on 31st October it’s certainly Time Bound because after Halloween there’s not really a market for our Zombie Cups.

Let me know in the comments how you could apply this to your own businesses, careers etc.

Zombie Cup Email Pic 1


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