O7 you will be missed “fresh1nk”

( O7 is a saluting emoticon by the way, if you squint hard enough you can see it.)

Some of you may know about a site I set up, “Fresh Ink”, this was the name I try to run my brand under came from. The name came from the idea that the blog was showcasing new, fresh, written talent. Hence Fresh Ink, fresh ink on the page its the hottest and the newest work.

A lot of people showed interest and I managed to sign a few people up but eventually it got too much to moderate on my own so I made a few people admins and left the site down. It remained active for a little bit but the last post was in April this year so whilst I was having a tidy up I have decided to say goodbye to the site and delete it.

A lot of good came from it as I got Fresh Ink Productions the banner under which as I said, I run my writing profession with.


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