JTKWriting – Writing Prompt

Saw this and realised i haven’t written anything fictional in a while so thought it would be cool to do so. I’ve only done the first one there’s many for you to choose from, do one or do none!

weekly writing prompts vol.12; october 6th – october 12th 2014

by jtkwriting

1) A tremble was felt through the small universe contained within a droplet of morning dew. Write a paragraph about the effects of this occurrence.

If you turned your head to the side slightly and really focused, you could feel the slightest vibration. You could only feel it for a few seconds before, as if it sensed you had cottoned on to it, the feeling, sound, whatever dissipated. A slight breeze, felt from every direction fluttered the autumn leaves across the floor. But as with the vibration this was only felt for a second. All it took was a quick look around to see that every single person had felt this, but when no other senses were piqued everyone just went about their business but with an inexplicable awareness of the lives around them. 


2 thoughts on “JTKWriting – Writing Prompt

  1. 3) “Feeble traditionally means weak. Write about how it could mean strong.”

    April had always been someone who had trouble connecting to others, even before the incident. She kept all of her feelings inside, rarely showing emotion or reaching out to give a friend a hug. It was just the way she was built. And then, afterwards, after he took everything from her on that dreadful night, she was silent. Couldn’t bear human contact. April felt like a gaping hole had been torn open in her chest and the only way to survive was to retreat into herself to prevent losing any more than she already had.

    Somewhere, deep inside, she longed to be able to tell someone about it, to collapse into their arms and let herself go, be weak, but she couldn’t. She envied people who could cry. April hadn’t cried since the incident. All she wanted was to move on and go back to how things were before but she couldn’t, she couldn’t talk about it because then she would have to feel everything she felt before and face what had happened, and even the concept of it made her want to run and hide in a dark cave. It was so much easier to just be stone.

    Sorry if it’s a bit long!

  2. I like the prose! My sister is called April so I could imagine the feelings behind it on a personal level. Could you expand on why it makes feeble mean strong? A bit confused haha.

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