This is why your company should start blogging…

Post I did for work:

This is why your company should start blogging…

One thing we’ve discovered here at The Paper Cup Company is that we are one of the only paper cup manufacturers to take pride in our online presence. We have an active Facebook profile and Twitter profile, sure, but we also run our blog. Our aims for this blog are to provide updates with what the company has been up to as well as give advice on the latest industry developments.

The big question then is “why”?

Well there are a few reasons why and hopefully they’ll be explained in the next couple of paragraphs.

It helps with SEO

Once this post goes online, Google will pick it up when it sends it little army out to find new data. Once this data is logged it will become visible in Google and if someone searches something and Google thinks this blog post is relevant it will spit this out and be like “HERE YOU GO THIS IS RELEVANT!”

…okay so that’s the very basics of SEO, there any more qualified people to talk about this than me but the point is this: If you write great content, relevant to your website and industry then this will be very beneficial to your visibility online.

It helps show your knowledge of your industry

Aside from the obvious benefits of SEO, helping you get higher up Google’s rankings, another key benefit is this: It proves to people that you know what you’re talking about.

If someone is in the market for Printed Smoothie Cups and they find two companies that manufacture these they would then look at which company looks the most impressive, has the bigger catalogue, which knows the most about what they do.

It’s all about leadership.

Putting a post online may feel like a shout into the void but people do come across the things you post out there and you need to grab them by the hand and lead them into your world, prove that you’re the leader in your field.

It gets people talking

A lot of blogging platforms have a comment system (unfortunately ours doesn’t, which will hopefully be changing soon), but where you post your article too usually will. So I’ll post this post to the companies Facebook and then people can comment there if they so choose, or on Twitter, or on Google+, wherever.

If you then, as the appointed social media manager, monitor and manage this interaction you can reach out to customers or clients on a personal level and gain their trust and loyalty, building up a rapport with them. This will then hopefully lead to them thinking of you when they’re back in the game for whatever it is you sell/provide.

It’s fun!

Well okay maybe I’m biased, as a writer it’s what I do. Writing is my passion and I do think it’s a lot of fun, but blogging just adds another facet to your brand and helps inject something new into your daily schedule.

So whether you write short posts or long essays give it a go, it’s free so what do you have to lose?


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