50 Word Story: The Shot

I was telling a friend from work about how I used to write 50 word stories for this blog and realised I had not done one for a long time. This is the story I just came up with. Feel free to leave yours in the comments below!

I was sent crashing o the floor and managed to turn onto my back just before I had my arms pinned to my side. The beast opened its cavernous mouth and headed towards my face. A loud bang from the side sent the beast flying. The shot had killed it.


2 thoughts on “50 Word Story: The Shot

  1. I looked down at the packed bag by my feet, then up at the ramshackle old house that held so many memories. It was heartbreaking to leave, especially now, when everything was coming together at last, but this world held no place for me anymore. It was time to go.

    Great story by the way! I love the concept!

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