Twitter Reacts To: Doctor Who

So the new series of Doctor Who started yesterday and we saw Peter Capaldi’s first full length appearance as the Doctor. I loved it. I believe he will make a great Doctor I just hope the head writer, Steven Moffat, keeps the story together this time around (not keeping my hopes up mind).

But what did the rest of Twitter think? Find out below!


There isn’t much negativity as you can see, just maybe mild bemusement at certain aspects of Moffat’s script.

I was reading through a lot of tweets last night about the matter and it was nice to see hardly any tweets complaining about the new Doctor. When Matt Smith took over from David Tennant there was a lot of fans disappointed that Matt wasn’t, in their eyes, as attractive as Tennant. 

Maybe it shows a maturity in the years since Tennant’s regeneration? Or maybe people just loved Capaldi that much.

Welcome back Doctor!


One thought on “Twitter Reacts To: Doctor Who

  1. I love the new title sequence not keen on the new treatment the theme has been given though, love Capaldi, was a little annoyed by Clara’s response to the regeneration because never had a companion ever been better prepared by their doctors final speech for them to change and she had seen him far older than 12 when he was back on Trenzalore but I may be biased because Clara has yet to really engage me in this incarnation which is a shame as I loved the two previous Clara/Oswin characters we met. Some people will never be happy with Nu Who I just wish they would all get off the internet go shut themselves up in their rooms with their Classic DVDs and leave the rest of us in peace (my first Doctor was Tom Baker so it is not an age thing but the fact they are stuck in a time loops where everything was better when they were young)

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