Three Ways I’m Aiming To Change My Life And My Reasons Why

As some of my long time readers know I’ve been through a lot of different phases over the long course of this blog. I’ve written about times from the lowest points of my life to the highest. I started University, and then graduated from University. I fell in and out of love, I wrote poetry based upon falling in and out of love.

I’ve had a lot of grand ideas, some I saw come to fruition like the self-harm awareness video I made,

and others which I either deleted all mention of or just ignored. For example when I said I was off to teach in Japan and then didn’t (spoiler alert, I passed my driving test and bought a car, which are kind of expensive to keep running so Japan was a no go financially).

I’ve posted about NaNoWriMo a couple of times but have never managed to finish it, although last years helped me get a big chunk done.

What I have come to realise since graduating from University is that…no it’s not that I am an excellent procrastinator (I learnt that whilst still at University), no it’s that I don’t want to work for someone, I want to work for myself and be my own boss. But that’s hard. I don’t know what I want to boss myself around doing. This post from last year reiterates how I am still feeling. I have an idea about what I want to do, I just don’t know how to get there. But luckily I’m being a little proactive now and have scheduled a meeting with my University career service I hopefully they will be of some use in at least pointing me the right direction.

The idea that’s boiling away at the back of my brain is one which I really hope can see the light of day, I’ve only told two people but have had positive feedback from both of them so that has spurred me on, though I shall show restraint posting about it in detail until it’s actually a tangible thing I have to show to people and not something else that is simply moved to the trash in a years time.

For this to happen I need to mix things up, I need to mix up my life. Here are the three simple ways I’m going to attempt to do that:

  • Diet – I have a really boring diet. Every morning for breakfast I have a bowl of Special K, I used to just have this plain but recently started added dried raisins into it which made it that extra bit tasty. But it’s still a pretty bland breakfast that isn’t it? They say you are what you eat (who are ‘they’ anyway?) and if what I eat is bland and boring then by extension that makes me bland and boring also. So psychologically I need this change, but physically I think it can be a good thing to. A more varied diet will help in many other ways.
  • Exercise – Since I met my girlfriend I’ve been a lot more active because she’s a very “GO-GO-GO” person all the time, and I can be most of the time so we like to get out and do things. The next step is saving a little money and joining the gym, she’s a very motivated person and it’ll be good to have someone there to keep me motivated too. Plus I need to get fit to be able to walk all over Paris at Christmas
  • Creating – If I want to work for myself and put my creativity to use I best get writing hadn’t I? I believe it’s a circle, the more creative you are the more creative it makes you want to be. For me this doesn’t have to be just writing but as you can see I have been exercising my creativity in other ways with my photography. The more your creativity muscle is flexed the stronger it becomes.

I know there will be other people out there like me not knowing what they want to do, or do know but are excellent at finding excuses as to why they need to do other, seemingly more important, stuff. And if you’ve come across this post and have related know you are not alone and I hope you can take something from this. Who knows, in a years time I could be putting a post up about how I amazingly did what I wanted to do.

Thanks for reading.

– Dan


2 thoughts on “Three Ways I’m Aiming To Change My Life And My Reasons Why

  1. hey Dan congrats dude on graduating and all; but most of all congrats on being human, if there is confusion about to become totally independent, then there is desire. You have to feed on this desire to strengthen the passion of what you believed you are blessed to do, or just love to do. In your heart you are the best barometer to gauge the ferventness of your imagination, trust it like your life depends on it, and never ignore what is burning on the inside. If you feel it, then go for it DANIEL; your tomorrow always depend on what you did today, Godspeed.

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