Paris, saving and other things.

Since May and meeting my current girlfriend I 10378205_638211359620316_4877297904500637728_nhave done a lot of stuff I wouldn’t have done in the past as she is very outgoing and this has dragged me out of my shell and made me more outgoing in the process. We make a habit of going places, seeing and doing things, (for example going to Knowsley Safari Park the other day), creating lots of nice unique memories, driving out to the countryside, or going to the city and now for the next step, going to another country.

We’ve booked a trip to Paris! How exciting!


We’ll be spending Christmas day in Paris this year, going for 8 days from December 20th to the 28th.

She left the booking of the holiday in my hands (a lot of trust there) but I think when I show her what I’ve booked later tonight she won’t be too disappointed. The location seems great, right next to a metro station and near a big park and a small village called Bercy village. So it has everything you could need it seems. The reviews for the hotel are great, the price is great. (£400 each for eight days in Paris including flights)IMG_2075

Speaking of flights, the flights were a nightmare to book. I found some good flights but it said there was only two tickets left but I didn’t want to rush into anything so kept them open in another tab whilst looking around then decided that I would book the flights and hotel presented to me at first but they flights had gone! Oh dear.

They were good flights because we want to set off earlier in the morning here and return later in the evening from Paris, to make the most out of the day (which these flights allowed). Most of the other flights I could find all seemed to be leaving at 7pm here and returning at 7am there which obviously means we would have lost two days of our seven day holiday, but for some reason adding an extra day on allowed me to find better flights after losing the original ones.

But hey, 8 pretty much full days, still in budget, suits me fine.

Budgeting is the next step for me now as I need to save up some money, my credit card is at its limit yet again, and because of booking this holiday so is my overdraft but I’ve been thinking of the best way to save and I think I’ve found it. A way which will at least work for me.

I’ve opened a new account, one without an overdraft and with a completely different bank so everything is separate. Once everything is full activated I will be getting my wages paid into this new account and changing over my direct debits etc and then setting up a standing order to just pay money back into my old account when I get paid every two weeks. I will stop using that account and just let over the months this money build up and up until I am eventually out of my overdraft and there’s enough money in the account to pay off the credit card. And because the new account has no overdraft I can’t get into any more debt, I can only spend whatever is left in the account after my bills etc have moved. Also, because it’s a new bank when I log in online I won’t see the other accounts and be tempted to transfer money back across. I just hope to forget about it and move on!

In other news, you may have noticed it no longer says “” at the top in the URL bar, because I’ve let the domain run out and won’t be renewing it. I have still got my other blog “” which I will continue to keep as I post more professional posts to that one and I am going to let this become my personal blog for day to day stuff.



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