First Self-Harm Awareness Video – Shar’s Story

Hello and thanks for watching this interview/documentary.

The #WordsNotScars project aims to raise awareness of self-harm by getting the honest opinions of current self-harmers and self-harmers that are currently in recovery. As well as a second part of the project which will showcase the thoughts of professionals in the area who think more needs to be done in their field.

#WordsNotScars is an ambitious project being undertaken by a Film and TV Screenwriting graduate who has been surrounded by the issues of self-harm for most of his teenage and his adult life. Both dealing with it himself and having friends and family members going through it as well.

Self-Harm is a very taboo subject, with many misconceptions surrounding it, and more needs to be done. This is to show that there is someone willing to take a stand and get people talking.

If you like this video, please share it around. The more people that see it the better. Even if you have no experience with self-harm, or didn’t connect with the video, someone else on your social feeds might.

Thank you for that in advance.

More information can be found here:

Are you struggling to cope with mental health problems and want some friendly, independent and extremely qualified advice? Then contact The Samaritans via the following methods: Their website at: Email: Or by phone in the UK: 08457 90 90 90 US: 1 (800) 273-TALK


4 thoughts on “First Self-Harm Awareness Video – Shar’s Story

  1. Great video, great project only thing would draw your attention to is sound levels I am okay as have speakers I could hook up to laptop but without them the video is very quiet

      1. I had the same the other day with my Vlog only two people had issues with sound maybe WP of Youtube is playing up hopefully it is something no one else will have issues with

  2. I’m glad youre doing this. I was browsing youtube today for depression/ attempted suicide stories and was happy to are your interview on my wordpress reader! More does need to be done and I was sad that she felt she didn’t get the help she needed from some medical professionals. I’ve been really lucky to have a good therapist and a supportive doctor but many people don’t have that. Her story helped me a lot.

    The sound was low for me as well, but I wasn’t using headphones. Good job with this and keep up the good work!

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