11 thoughts on “Which Logo Is Better?

  1. i like it and as you pointed out, it will be much easier to work with when placed in certain spots, leaves a cleaner line i think.

  2. Yes, I like it boxed, but the other possibility is to keep FRESH in the original font but reduce it as required to be the same width as INK. You could even consider making Fresh mixed case, which will be narrower.

  3. For me, the symmetrical one works better because ‘Productions’ gets less emphasis. That’s not what you want people to remember. It’s the ‘Fresh Ink’ bit that matters. The choice of font is great!

    1. I do really like the first one tbh, I just like the squared off feel of the second one.

      I can’t achieve that by having it in the same font as it looks a bit silly, but I will try figuring something out.

      Thanks for the input!

  4. A little bit late to the game on this one, but definitely the top one. Fonts like that ain’t supposed to all symmetrical if you get my drift 😉

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