Busy Busy Busy

I’ve been very busy recently but have nothing to show for it!

I work at a sandwich shop full time and have lost all motivation to do anything with my time since doing it as when I am at home all I want to do is relax on Facebook as my brain slowly melts.

But I want to be able to snap out of this, I do go through phases of productivity and then fade out of them and I put this down to routine. As this is a job which works on a rota I don’t have a routine and it can be very draining but I now have a set day off a week which is hopefully going to be come my productive day. As well as time around shifts. 

That’s the plan. Hopefully. We’ll see.

In other news I bought a shiny new iMac and I love it to pieces even though yesterday was spent messing around with it because after I updated it, it took nearly two minutes to boot. I have now fixed it (whilst losing most of my documents that aren’t in dropbox in the process) but this is something I decided was worth doing as the time it would have taken to back everything up compared to how much of a value those things were to me was minimal. I figured during the transition from PC to OSX I would start completely afresh apart from a few documents in dropbox.

Hope you are all well! I am going to do some more writing on Come With Me later after I have done a bit of job hunting, looking forward to the first step towards trying to get back into a productive mindset!


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