Got a Car, Problems Already Begin

I got a car in the end after a day or so of thought, I just feel it’s what’s most useful to me right now.

But already there’s an issue which is hopefully being fixed tomorrow haha! Already done around 100 miles though, it’s great fun!


7 thoughts on “Got a Car, Problems Already Begin

  1. New cars (new to you, shall we say…) are pretty cool. My wife and I bought a new(ish) Toyota earlier this year after punting around in early-mid-1990s Toyotas for years. Man, cars have come a long way in that time.

    1. My friend is on his mum’s insurance so he can drive her Kia Cee’d 3, brand spanking new, and it’s amazing to be a passenger in, I can only imagine it’s even better as the driver!

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