Yay for Me.

As you all know, I like to keep you up to date about my day to day life as well as sharing my work on here so I would like to just shout at the top of my lungs, THAT I PASSED ME DRIVING TEST.

Fourth time I’ve taken it, first time in Blackpool (my home town), only got two minors!

In other news, I’m in two minds about this Japan thing now, because I really want a car and to get myself out of my overdraft etc as soon as possible. So I’m not too sure whether or not I should leave Japan, work on saving up for a bit longer, get my teaching certificate here in England next year and THEN do the Japan thing. This gives me;

a) More time to save.
b) More time to think it through properly.

I don’t know, I’m going to have a good ponder about it all.


12 thoughts on “Yay for Me.

  1. I think I heard you shout!
    Hearty congratulations on getting your full license.
    Fourth attempt is pretty good – you should be very proud of your achievement!
    Good luck with finding some wheels…

  2. Congratulations on passing my friend, kudos to you. As for the Japan thing, if you want my unsolicited advice, hold back a bit longer. Get things more in order and definitely have that good sit down and ponder. Decide what is going to be in your best interests. It sounds exciting, but some good solid planning and prepping would not hurt a bit, even if it takes a while.

    1. Yeah you’re right! Moving to the otherside of the world is a big change and I would want it to be for the long term to be honest so I’ll have a bigger think and exhaust options here in the UK.

      Just got to look for a car now!

  3. Daniel,
    You seem to have an interesting challenge going on dude; just to let you know that with your analytical mind, you will make the right decision. However if japan is in your heart, then follow it, if you have the heart to stay in England, then stay!!!!!

    1. I think if I’m so undecided I should postpone my trip abroad. I just feel like I’ve been trying for years to pass my driving test and now I have I’d like to just make it all worth it. My university friends have one and a half years left at uni, and now ive graduated I’ve not seen them as much as I’d like, a car would solve that so maybe ill hang around until my friends disperse.

  4. Congratulations. Very well done – if you aren’t sure then wait until you are – of it is the right thing life will bring it back round to you and if it doesn’t then it wasn’t the right thing xxx

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