Come With Me Rewrite – Draft 1!

It’s here, finally here, I know you’ve all been waiting in anticipation!

After the teases I’ve been posting throughout the week I am ready to share the first draft of a short story I have been reworking.

I wrote the original Come With Me for my final year of Creative Writing and I really enjoyed the story. It is a short story that focuses on a boy called Eric meeting a girl called Lucy. Lucy isn’t from where Eric’s from and he begins to accompany her as she looks for her way home. You can read the original short story here.

I decided to revisit that story because I felt it had potential to be expanded after the point where the story ends so I have rewritten the short story as it is, with a cliffhanger ending giving me the opportunity to carry on writing it if I so decide.

Things I feel I need to work on to make Draft 1 become Draft 2 is primarily expanding on Eric meeting Lucy, I tried to make it appear that he is instantly taken with her and drawn in, but I don’t want this to be a love thing. Of course there will be some romance between them down the line but I don’t want it to be a “love at first sight” kind of scenario, more, captivated by the idea of her. Of what she represents (a new beginning).

So here is the first draft of Come With Me – The Rewrite, I think I’ll have to rename it from here on in but I’ll do that for draft 2!

Come With Me – Rewrite – Draft 1


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