Got a “Peppy Kids Club” Interview

So I managed to get an interview for a job in Japan with Peppy Kids Club!

It will be in February and I have to arrange the date of of the interview in December but these means I get to go on a trip to London again, I’ve only been there once and I think it shall be really fun to do again, I will be staying over there this time though so I have somewhere to get changed out of my suit as I don’t want to be walking around London in a suit and suit shoes all day, and I also wouldn’t want to take a big rucksack full of clothes with me too my interview.

So now I have a couple of months to do a few things:

– Try and get more experience working with children.
– Come up with a demo lesson and practice it for my interview
– Brush up on my grammar skills as to pass the grammar test you have to take
– Do anything else I can think of after this post to prepare!

But before that I have my driving test soon so I shall focus on that first.

Just thought I would keep you all updated, who knows by this time next year I could be writing these posts from Japan!


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