Come With Me – Excerpt 3

I have nearly finished the rewrite of my short story Come With Me.

It’s been nice rewriting an old piece of work, and I plan on doing it with Serpent Sand eventually.

I started to expand Serpent Sand and turn it into something more but I never finished it. The amount of “novels” I’ve started is ridiculous, I start something and then just get overwhelmed with how it’s so similar to everything else out there and I think that’s because I predominantly read fantasy books, so trying to write a fantasy book is hard because I take inspiration from all these other works.

I’d love to take Come With Me further, and explore the world they go to. If I end up getting this job in Japan I will use that as my inspiration because there’ll be parallel themes to my own life there then and who knows, Lucy’s home planet may end up being very oriental.

I think the other thing that lets me down is discipline, I am a huge procrastinator and I try to get into routines and I do and I become very productive but then I burn myself out and “take a day off” but then one day turns to two and two turns to seven etc. Whether that’s writing, exercise or something similar.

That all said, here is the promised excerpt! The finished short story should be online soon!

“So my next question is why do you want to come with me?”

Now this did make me think. Why did I want to give up everything I knew and was familiar with and go to…I don’t even know what too? A different planet, dimension, universe, plane or whatever. Come to think of it I had never asked, but at the same time I don’t think it matters. Wherever it was, I was going.

And I was going with her because…


“There’s nothing left for me here Lucy. I am alone now.”


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