Come With Me – Another Excerpt

We walked on like this for another few minutes until up ahead, Lucy called back “we’re here” and I exited the trees into a circular clearing. I could see the sky again, light pollution from downtown Rosewood illuminating the snow clouds and bouncing back to the clearing floor. Snow danced to the ground landing in the circle of the clearing. Something about this place made me feel like it was just me and Lucy on this planet, no-one else. She walked out into the centre of the clearing.

“Can you feel this? This energy.”

“What are you…”

Wait, there was something. I closed my eyes and concentrated. It’s hard to explain but it felt there was almost a buzz, no not a buzz, buzzing is annoying…a hum, like the ‘ommm’ of a Buddhist perhaps, something relaxing, to the air. The more I concentrated the more I could feel it and the arms on the back of my neck started to raise up on end. I could definitely feel something now. Eyes still closed I asked what it was but I didn’t get an answer.

I opened my eyes and I couldn’t believe what I saw.


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