Applied for Japan

I’ve done it! I sent off my application today….there was mistakes however.

I forgot to put my references on my CV so I called the company up and explained and they said that that’s okay and I could email in an updated copy so I did that….and THEN got an email back saying I’d put on my application I had graduated in 2013 (which is right) and on my CV I had put that I graduate in 2014 (which of course, is not right) so I had to send ANOTHER copy of my CV.

Needless to say I’m annoyed, but hopefully it won’t affect my application and they will be understanding….hopefully!



4 thoughts on “Applied for Japan

  1. Best of luck, Daniel. My son is teaching English in Argentina right now, and considering teaching in Japan, as he would like to see another part of the world.

    1. haha yes! It’s cause it had taken me all day and was in a rush before I had to leave 😦 No excuse though, I should be used to this from university, plus it would have been waiting for me when I got home to carry on anyway but I was too excited.

      Lesson learnt xD And thanks!

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