Teaching in Japan Update

I’ve been doing lots of research into the various companies that would allow me to move to, and work in, Japan.

The JET Programme I spoke about in the last post, so won’t go over that again but I’ve found another called “Peppy Kids Club”. I was trying to find information about it but it wasn’t turning up anywhere. Well, it was but it ranged from a lot of it being in 2002-2006 and then a few posts from around 2011.

The feedback is very mixed but I’d say the pro’s outweigh the con’s in many ways. It also seems like it will be slightly easier to get onto because it’s a private company in Japan and not part of a government body.

I decided to do a Facebook search and found the aptly named “Peppy Kids Club” group on Facebook. I added a girl on there and she’s been able to ease my mind a lot, she’s only been there 6 weeks though! Hopefully having her as a friend on Facebook will allow me some inside insight into the group.

But yes, the search for getting to Japan seems to be going well. I’ll let you all know!


6 thoughts on “Teaching in Japan Update

    1. Thanks for that, it is very informative 😀 Late hours aren’t an issue for me, as long as I can get back home and am not stranded in a random Japanese town haha! In general what times do trains run to?

        1. Ah okay! I assume they would never place you somewhere that you can’t get home from. I plan to do a lot of writing in Japan if I get accepted onto a program so the travelling shouldn’t ever be an issue for me really

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