Fantastic News!

Things are slowly starting to come together I believe. I’ve been working on a project I am really excited about recently working with a local charity here in Blackpool, England.

I can’t go into huge amounts of detail due to the nature of the project and as it’s a joint project with another company but I can say it is a self-harm awareness campaign, and that I am very passionate about this project. I’m telling you this for a number of reasons:

1) It involves creative writing, so as the updates start to come out about the project I think you will all be very interested in the project due to the nature of it.

2)  You can be involved! As it is an awareness project I will be doing research based around general thoughts and feelings of the subject of self-harm and see what people think about it. This will be done via polls and and “open question” posts.

And this brings me onto my final point, I posted the other day about problems accessing WordPress features. Well it seems the UK is (fingers crossed) through the worst of the problems and I have been able to finally create my new website which will receive updates (along with this one) about this project and any other future projects.

The website is:


Let's Talk

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