Timeless. That’s how you’d describe that place. Visit the bakers you used to go to around five years ago to see the two people who worked there STILL working there. Maybe they own the place, you’d hope so anyway. You grab a bavarian slice, the ones you used to love and sit on a bench happily eating it, recalling one of the few happy memories of your childhood.

As you sit you observe. You observe the residents of this down and out town. The people are all the same. You walk down the high street and see faces you recognise from when you unfortunately had to live there…for the first eighteen years of your life. Luckily you escaped the town though, the bad memories, you went on to great things knowing that you escaped the embrace of that town. That time.

A drunk accosts you in the street because HE got in YOUR way. You know him from the council estate you had the displeasure of living on. Bottle of blue sugary alcopop in hand, asking “‘ere mate, gots a light?” You pick up your pace ignoring the sounds coming from his mouth.

Timeless. That’s how you’d describe that place. Never changing, forever depressing.


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