Would You Be Able To Keep This Blog Running?

It’s this time of year again, the time of year I hate and that’s the time that my domain registration is due for renewal.

This has caused some, let’s just say, confused comments about why people would donate to me as I don’t provide a “service”. And it’s true, I don’t provide you with anything tangible, but I am proud of what this blog is and that’s a place where people get involved in the comments of the articles I write, a blog where people have thanked me for writing certain things like poems they have found touching etc.

Last year I don’t recall even asking for a donation (as far as, I can’t find a post asking as I checked) but what I did do was briefly mention in passing that the domain registration was due for renewal and one of my readers offered to provide me with the money to keep this website going under the “wordsformwindows.com” domain. Her name was Monica Pierce who has her blog Stalking Fiction.

I was more than greatful for the service she provided and it really touched me that she would do that. I thanked her in this blog post and I hope some of my readers went over to check out her work.

The domain registration is only $18 but with a maxed overdraft and credit card from being a really stupid student any spare money I have at the moment has to go towards living costs etc.

So as this blog post started with, the awkward time has come that I hate doing but it’d be awesome if you could donate to the blog any amount would be amazing from a cent to the full $18. If I manage to get $36 dollars then I plan on launching the new Fresh Ink blog I have spoken about.

If you would like to donate and have a blog of your own I am going to set up a “contributor” page where I will list your name and blog and do a little write up.

You can donate via PayPal using the donate button at the side or sending donations to “dan.pos@live.co.uk”

Any surplus money received I will invest into making Fresh Ink into something more than just a blog as well as donating some to charity.

I’ve said it before but I want to say it again, I am very thankful to all of my readers whether you read a word or a paragraph. I earn no money from this blog and do this as it’s my passion I may go dark at times (either in post subject or not posting at all) but you all brighten my day right back up.



2 thoughts on “Would You Be Able To Keep This Blog Running?

  1. Just a suggestion !

    You have an amazing blog. don’t let it dissapear in the dark. It doesn’t hurt to earn a little revenue through this blog, it’d help you keep this blog functional.

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