Open Question: Long Distance Relationships

People say that distance makes the heart grow fonder, but is this necessarily true?

I’ve never had a long distance relationship before but I’ve always figured I would hate them as I am the type of person who loves being close to the person I am seeing. Being able to see them on a whim and just hang out. Or at least I’ve always thought that.

But recently (through the miracle of YouTube and YouTube gatherings) I’ve met someone and we really like each other and things are going really well. She nearly a got a place at the University I have just graduated from but unfortunately there was complications which means she can’t come now till next year which means the distance is still a factor (around 125 miles to be exact). The cost of getting trains and buses etc etc is quite high but as we both have part time jobs we get not only monthly chunks of money but we also have the time space between shifts to spend a few days with each other.

But is this distance making my heart grow fonder? I don’t think in this case it is, it’s just developing how it develops when we see each other and I believe that’s a good thing. In the past I have always rushed love and relationships etc, falling really quick for people and it’s never ended well, not in the slightest. But hopefully this will be something different, take it slow, see where things lead.

I think this is how life should be in general, I believe there should always be some forward thinking, some future planning but I’m trying to live in the now in a little more, take things day by day, don’t take the little things for granted.

What is your take on this? Let me know in the comments! (I know it’s been a while since I did an Open Question post, sorry about that!)


10 thoughts on “Open Question: Long Distance Relationships

  1. In theory this sounds cool! Never attempted a long distance relationship either but hey if it’a working so far? Crack on and see what happens is all you can do 😀

  2. For absence to make the heart grow fonder, there must be a fondness to begin with. How certain can you be unless you’ve at least spent some time with the person?

    1. Yeah that makes a lot of sense, I guess that’s why this seems to be a nice slow trundle to what could be something more every time I spend time with her (: Thanks for the comment!

    1. Ah well I give you all my best wishes, not that you need it! Unfortunately I could never do something where I’m in a different country, I think my limit would be the same landmass haha.

      I will keep that in mind if I ever wanna chat for sure (: Thanks for commenting!

  3. I have been in long distance relationships before mine never lasted but that could be due to the fact they were passing flirtations rather than deep affection. I think the only way it can work is if you can arrange regular meet ups by that I don’t mean every weekend obviously but if it is monthly or even every other month it has to be something set in stone the minute one or the other starts making excuses or prioritising other things for that time you know that it isn’t working with things like mega bus and advance savings on train tickets then there can be no excuse for not meeting up at least once every two months if you really want to make it work you sacrifice a night out or two with your friends

    1. hey thanks for the reply Paula 😀

      Yeah, luckily it’s only from Blackpool to Birmingham, and I’m hoping to pass my driving test and get a car soon, just starting to save up and then I can drive there a bit easier without having to rely on public transport all the time.

      So far since April we’ve seen each other every month, some months more than others and it seems to be working, we’ve just arranged to see each other again for this month, and next month at the end of august we’ve arranged it to so it seems to be working out so far (:

      1. Good luck and there is nothing to stop you meeting up for the occasional extra day halfway in Manchester when finances allow was down in brum last weekend for the athletics had a brilliant time, relating to your other blog post keep an eye out for what is happening at NEC and try to go along and chat to people when you think about things like crufts or clothes show live forget what the topic is and remember that there are lots of possible contacts instead chat to camera men get to know who is who it might make a difference

        1. Yeah that’s a really good idea with talking to the cameraman, always good to think outside the box like that haha!

          And yeah we have discussed meeting halfway, when I eventually pass my car test I will be able to pick her up from a point half way etc so that will be easier (:

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