What A Year…

This year has been a huge year for me, for so many reason, so so many. I’m not sure where to begin but I feel like just writing this post as almost the full stop at the end of a four year long sentence.

So what’s the main reason behind this? Well, as you know from my previous posts I have finished my degree in Screenwriting with Creative Writing which I studied at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England. I now eagerly await the results. 

I had a rough start at University, recently having broken up with. who at the time I believed to be. the love of my life (even though I’d only just turned 18) I then moved out of home and left my dad behind, feeling bad that he was living on his own for the first time in about 8 years.

I got here unsure of what I wanted to do in my future and hating my course and I panicked and thought “shit this is my life now”, but I realised it wasn’t and I had control and I managed to change my course, bringing me to rediscover an old passion of mine and that was writing. I originally swapped from Games Design to Creative Writing and English Literature but I hated English Lit and this got me so depressed but after seeking the academic help I managed to swap to Screenwriting towards the end of the year, which made me have to stay here for an extra year, bringing my time at Uni to four years (this will become relevant in a second).

This rough year was also the time my grandad died to and that hit me hard as this was the first time I had to deal with loss like that in my adult life but I got past it okay just at the time it was weird, but in my grief it turned me to blogging, and I originally started a blog on Tumblr, but then discovered WordPress!

The second and third year I won’t touch upon much, other than to say I kinda cut myself off from my friends what, in the end, became a really bad relationship, but I try not to live in regret of that.

At the end of that third year I should have graduated but, as I pointed out a second ago, I had to stay behind for this fourth year.

And now, here I am, at the end of this year writing a post about it, a post which doesn’t really have much have a goal in mind, I’m not sure what I’m trying to say. Actually, I am trying to say thank you, not only to you guys putting up with my moaning and whinging since like November but also for supporting my work and giving me just a little message from time to time in the comments reminding me to smile. One comment has made a lasting impression on me and unfortunately I can’t remember the exact comment but the main meaning behind it was this; Even in the dark times, light still shines through.

And I’ve tried to keep this mantra since then and I believe it has helped in someways, and when it hasn’t helped me I’ve made a point of telling it to others and trying to spread the word. It’s part of the whole theme behind the monologue I wrote called “Dear Amy” which some of you will have read.

This year has been rough, in someways not as bad as that first, and in some ways worse. I’ve had to deal with not only my own problems but those of others, many late night conversations talking to people who have needed my help and whilst I don’t mind, and I am more than happy to help others, and in someways it helps distracts from my own issues, but sometimes I’ve had to take the selfish approach and think “no, I have to look after myself now, I can not do anymore for you”.

But at the same time, above the deluge of crap that has come through my life this year I have had some of the most amazing friends I could have asked for. And if it wasn’t for the rubbish first year, I wouldn’t have stayed for this fourth year. Was the pain worth the happiness I have had? Most definitely.

I’ve grown a lot this year, I’ve learnt a lot about myself, a lot of which I didn’t like but I have since changed or I am in the process of changing. And without the UCLan Film Society people I don’t think I would have coped as well as I did.

And there’s a certain person who, even though in the end it didn’t go as I would have hoped, I do owe her a lot, and I do still think of her. I always will do and we may rekindle a friendship, soon or in the future who knows, but there was certainly something there and I am very grateful to have met her and had her in my life, we just came into each others lives at the wrong time I think.

So ultimately, I guess this following statement is the “point” of this mad rambling post that a lot of people may not have even read:

Even in the dark times, light still shines through.

I’ve had some of the best and worst times of my life this year and I wouldn’t change any of it.20510_133565556798959_695390162_n 67063_342459109195544_55743734_n 249075_420068374767950_83593377_n 481543_420073021434152_2068179734_n 942250_410773565697431_628113856_n

375080_417655888342532_497468927_n9685_342564775851644_331907801_n 15107_406624989445622_1158948101_n 60029_342279645880157_683006286_n 68871_338807079560747_853973179_n 225517_385022121605909_1722774547_n 479958_338255336282588_1529662537_n 486133_356708337770621_2100547651_n 531065_326771940764261_1979856733_n 531860_403531369754984_1151819903_n 535563_385027814938673_1410069839_n 535830_375042372603884_1104077897_n 544939_397935480314573_583193807_n 548658_344567748984680_1538907939_n 548690_345914115516710_1947470323_n 553149_401234999984621_443356703_n 556847_336935363081252_1531893901_n 564940_320876268020495_2035937229_n 970350_420303478077773_1698612339_n


5 thoughts on “What A Year…

  1. Well Daniel. I took the time to read every single word of your post. The events in our lives will never go according to plan but I commend you on staying strong. Your pictures could paint a thousand words or more. You seem very happy and it is true that “Even in the dark times, light still shines through.” Keep your head up and keep being an inspiration to people. Your words touched me and I don’t even know you. =)

  2. Hold on to all those good memories of this year as the BBC has just screwed up christmas how badly and for how many years remains to be seen depending on the next casting

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