I’m Done

I’m done. It’s over. Last assignment has been handed in. Fin.

The end of a long and eventful four year stint of University has finally happened. I submitted my last piece of University work on Monday 6th May. This assignment was my first ever feature film written from start to finish.

I’m not sure how “good” the script is, there is a lot that needs to be redone and I think that when I rewrite it whenever that is, I will be removing the virtual world stuff totally and just focusing on the characters and the theme of “lovers separated”. I will reuse the virtual world back drop for another project possibly, with a different plot because I do like this idea of a virtual world but I just believe it did not benefit the story I ultimately told in the end.

If anyone is interested in reading the full feature film script email me: contact@wordsformwindows.com if you want to give feedback after reading it then be my guest, I will add it to a document and keep it with the script until I redraft it but at this stage feedback is no longer necessary. I will no longer be posting full scripts to here, I will instead do it the way I am with this, where if you’re interested in reading I will happily email it you but I think if I’m looking to get work made I should stop putting it online in its entirety.

Any short films though that I decide to write and make I will happily publish the full things here, for example a short film I want to make called “Impressions” I have already written about but any drafts of that I do in the comings months I will post because that work and the filming will be entirely my own…if that makes sense?

I’d just like to take a minute to thank you all as well. I know I have expressed my thanks numerous times over the recent months and the past years but without your constant help and feedback my writing and scripts wouldn’t be how they are today. WordPress has an amazing community with regards to helping each other out.

Here’s too whatever direction I decide to take now I have graduated! And again, thank you.


6 thoughts on “I’m Done

  1. I can’t tell you how happy and thrilled for you that I am to read of your college graduation! (To say that I am also “pea-green with envy” – to quote Scarlett O’Hara) would perhaps be a bit much. I am happy for you, and yet at the ripe young age of 62, I wonder how different my life would be from a musical and literary/publishing and/or performance perspective, had I ever finished those last two damn required courses (one math, one science). Funny how life turns out – often so diametrically opposed as to the manner we had originally thought it would play out. What’s the old saying? “Man plans; God laughs.” I’ve heard a lot of laughter lately. Don’t think I’m making more plans than usual, but. . .

    In any event, I have not gone uneducated, and have always tried to learn from life and experience. My mistakes alone should give me enough framed degrees to cover the walls of Coventry Hall. I have run off at the mouth here, not just to offer you my congrats – and from an almost completely anonymous (to you, anyway) source, but to request a copy of your script! Send it to me via e-mail at calhounpaula@ymail.com. Everybody else in the known universe knows my e-mail address – why not you and your readers as well? I love making margin-notes, highlighting the great and not-so-great lines (I’m sure there will only be great ones). As I have a physical challenge which keeps me from being as mobile as I would like, a great deal of enjoyment I get from life is through reading – especially unpublished or little-known writing. What fun it will be to read your work!

    Now, as far as this “virtual world” business. I’ve decided that I am too old to understand the various permutations and differences between what you “young ‘uns” call virtual, literal, or just plain real. Hope your script will enlighten me! If it does, you shall from hereon be known as the master of the impossible. You taught me something that I never believed I would learn. Sort of like Euclidian geometry, (I mean, really, don’t stand there and tell me I can’t trisect an angle – I’ve got one drawn right here on my page – and in equal parts, too!).

    I’ve written more here than you care to read, likely, so I will stop now, with one more hearty congratulations. Here’s hoping that the best of your plans are in line with God’s, and that the only laughter heard will be from the audience of people who paid to see your work! (Which is hopefully a comedy in that case.)

    Remember that some of the most perfect days of our lives grow out of the most bizarre and seemingly ruinous situations. And that the very best anyone can hope for in life is only what is needed. I pray you will enjoy the sweet blessings of the abundance of enough. . .


    P.S. I am currently in the never-ending throes of writing a book, bit I also am a photographer and fancy myself at the best of times as a poet. If you are interested in reading a small sample of my work, let me know! I love critique – even the negative stuff. It tells me at least one of two or more) things: The one who hates it is too much of an idiot to understand my writing, or too stuck in today’s “minimalist” mire; or it tells me that the one who loves it is a simpleton, or too stuck in today’s “anti-minimalist” mire. Such a strange lot of people we true artists live amongst, is it not? Cheers!

  2. Congratulations on surviving! And if the script you’re talking about is for DAWN I’d like to see it. Having read the starting version and seeing it evolve I want to see what it looks like now.

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