A Gathering of Like Minded People (Blog Post and Related Video)

Late night train ride. Silent. A few members of crew the only sign of life, the rest of the passengers lie down, heads lolling around, as still as the dead.

I’m so tired. I’d love to be able to sleep like they do, but, sleeping on public transport freaks me out yuo see. No-one to look after my luggae.

Could miss my stop. Well, not this time as this train terminates at my stop. But, you catch my drift. I write to keep myself awake. Keep my mind focused. The can of Kronenbourg I’ve purchased will be counter productive to my efforts of alertness more than likely, but it feels needed.

Had such a busy day today. Up at the crack of dawn, and by crack I mean 7am BST. That is to say that dawn had already, well, dawned.

Met up with some people in the midlands. As a northerner this required a two hour trip each way (hence the early awakening) and minus £25 from my bank account. Totally worth it.

These people of which I speak…I’d never met them before. Not a single one of them. I’d spoken to two of them prior to going but never physically met either of them.

I got to the midlands, Birmingham to be specific, at 11am. And by now I thought the nerves would have kicked in but, to my surprise, the hadn’t. I just wasn’t nervous. This is a great improvement for me all things considered. Meeting new people is always hard for me, I’m shy, unapproachable, just a little awkward. Or so I thought. But this time, I knew where everyone was meeting so I found them and over to them, confident as you like and introduced myself.

Instantly I felt welcome. I guess now’s the time I tell you who I was meeting. I was meeting people from the YouTube community.

The great thing about this community is you’ve seen a lot of them before, even though it is one sided, on-line. You know what they look like, you know how they sound, how they act. It’s all very familiar. And, even the ones you’ve never watched you can click instantly.

That’s what’s great about having a group of people together who all have at least one thing in common – YouTube.

On top of this ‘one thing’ there’s other stuff to, Guaranteed if you mention things like “Doctor Who” or video games, someone will come over, hug you and than start talking to you about your given subject.

If you ever get the chance to go to one of these of, or anything similar, be it a convention which you want to go to but don’t want to go on your own…just do it. Throw yourself in it at the deep end. You’ll never know till you try and you have no idea who you will meet.

Oh and by the way… I also made a video of my time there so you can have a look at what typically happens at a YouTube gathering.

I can’t wait for the next one I go to, which is looking likely to be June 1st back in Birmingham and I can see all the awesome friends I’ve made again. And I’ll be staying over this so no late night journey home!


5 thoughts on “A Gathering of Like Minded People (Blog Post and Related Video)

    1. You can indeed say that, although I don’t agree haha. Not sure what it was about it….was just kinda, cheesy. And that Thomas Thomas joke whilst funny kinda spoiled it for me a little bit too cause it seemed so out of place.

      1. I think the silliness was needed to balance against the macabre horror of the penny dreadful horror I actually did an in depth examination of it on my page went on for ages and still didn’t discuss everything and didn;t get round to the Tegan reference

  1. I’d like to thank you for the efforts you have put in penning this blog. I am hoping to check out the same high-grade blog posts from you later on as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my own, personal site now 😉 Gale

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