An Update (Including Script For New Monologue “Impressions”)

Hey, this is the first bit of writing that I will have uploaded recently that is a proper script and not just a transcript or a poem! It’s only a short one, it’s for a short film/monologue I want to make after I finish Dear Amy.

Pre-Production on Dear Amy has finished now finally, the script is in it’s final phase. We have the equipment. We have the actress. So production will begin next week with a day of filming. Then minor touches in post will have it ready by the end of next week. Of course I will link you guys to it when it is up. I’m very excited about this.

With that sorted, I have moved onto working on my next monologue that I want to film titled “Impressions”. You can see the first draft of the script below. As always, feedback will be greatly appreciated. It’s only a small piece but I want to refine it as much as I can. I’ve had to keep it simple as obviously I will be filming it all myself etc.

Oh and also, I discovered today that I had three weeks left to finish up my feature film, DAWN, when I thought I had six weeks remaining. Oops. So expect a new and improved draft of that up soon.

I appreciate the content I’ve been posting to this blog has changed dramatically from what you guys are used to. This is due to me having this new focus of YouTube in my life, and it’s something I’m becoming really passionate about. It will let me write and then create my own stuff, but I will also be writing the bigger things too come summer. I’m hoping this shift in material isn’t too great for most of my readers.

Here’s to the future!

Impressions DRAFT 1


4 thoughts on “An Update (Including Script For New Monologue “Impressions”)

      1. It’s for a completed five minute short – I worked with a bunch of lads to make one a few years ago and it was tremendous fun Probably a bit short notice for this year’s deadline but it could be one to work towards – there are quite a few of these but they often have restrictions of age/location/association which is why this one is good as it categorises but has a pretty wide field

      2. Sorry just reading through I see this year it is ten minutes AND bullying is the issue based theme too – unfortunately the closing date is only a couple of weeks away.

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