Red Trousers

Since Christmas I have lost, according to Google, 2.3621 Stone, or 15kg, or 33.0693 pounds.

Now I know that’s not exactly a huge amount for most people, or doesn’t seem like it. And physically I wouldn’t say I look like I’ve lost that weight (although when I recently saw my mother (who I haven’t seen since Christmas) she commented on my apparent weight loss), it is a lot to me for the following reason: I’ve never really lost any weight, just been slowly getting bigger or staying the same.

The spaces in between which I weighed myself were so distant between each other I wouldn’t have been able to track it anyway but still, this is the first sign of progress I’ve made with weight loss in all my adult life thus far.

And that’s a great feeling.

The thing is, I haven’t really done anything to do it, at least I’ve not actively had in my mind “right, I’m going to lose X amount of weight” so seeing it come off without doing anything other than being a bit stressed out with recent University stuff and other stuff in my life it has kind of inspired me to do two things;

A) Try my best to start eating healthily and getting out a little more.
B) Take pride in my appearance.

The first point is going to be the most difficult I think, because I’m a poor student, and I can’t really cook. But I need to stop eating just freezer food and bread. A point belaboured to me by my friend Fiona. Not only is it unhealthy for weight reasons, but it doesn’t do good for your digestive system either.

The second point is a little easier to do.

I’ve always hidden behind my fringe, behind dark coloured clothes, behind baggy clothes, behind my computer screen. But recently having met a girl who I rather adore I’ve been making a little bit more of an effort, she says I don’t need to but I still like to for myself too.

She keeps going on about how I need colour in my wardrobe, brighten up a bit, come out of my shell a little more. So that brings me to title of the post: Red trousers.

I bought a pair of red trousers. For me this is big news (For why, see the aforementioned section in which I explain I hid behind dark colours, or just read this section as I explained what the aforementioned section said anyway).

The only colours I tend to wear on my top half is blue, red and black. So I’ve also recently introduced grey and white into the equation giving a more diverse hue to my drawers. Not exactly a rainbow but again, for me it is an improvement.

I don’t really know what the point in this post is to be honest….I think..I think it’s mainly just a statement more to myself to say “look Dan, there are things in  your life you can control and things you can’t, this is one of the ones you can”. And that’s a message everyone can take something away from, whether it’s in their weight loss and wardrobe choice or in relationships, or in the work place or just in day to day life.

Change the things that you can, and don’t worry about the things you can’t physically change.

And above all, enjoy your life.


6 thoughts on “Red Trousers

  1. It’s a familiar feeling. Not that I’ve lost weight, being the same (10,5 stones) as when I left school more years ago than I care to remember, but my ‘natural’ colours have always been clerical grey with very little variation. I once owned a bright red sweater, but gave it away to a Russian lady who was rather ill and feeling the cold. On the other hand, since I choose to wear clerical grey…!

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